Eleanor & Sam – Thornton Manor Wedding Photography

Wedding at Thornton Manor

I was back at one of my favourite venues for more Thornton Manor wedding photography, for the winter wedding of Sam and Eleanor. You may remember their pre-shoot back in December on New Brighton Beach – memorable for Sam Eleanor and myself mainly because it was frickin freeeezing – minus 10 to be exact.

Their wedding day was not so cold, albeit still on the chilly side but we were now no strangers to working together in the cold and so making wonderful photographs together was an absolute breeze :) I absolutely love Thornton Manor wedding photography – sooo many different locations to shoot makes it a dream for a wedding photographer and when you combine this with a cool couple like Sam and Eleanor I no longer consider what I do as a job – more a great day out!

Enjoy the highlights…

Thornton Manor Wedding Photography and Wedding Photography at Thornton Manor.

thornton manor wedding photography

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  • Kris

    on February 10, 2011  1:50 pm

    Excellent set of images, great lighting and beautiful venue.

  • martin crombie

    on February 10, 2011  2:40 pm

    Nice job Liam. Some Kevin Wilson in there, bendy back?
    The b&w reportage is always good.
    ;-)Like the colour during speech/ dancing shots, + 3rd 1 in very descriptive.

  • martin crombie

    on February 10, 2011  2:45 pm

    sorry, 6th 1 in 'the lads' walking in - awesome.

  • Vanessa Ramsey

    on February 10, 2011  8:55 pm

    These pictures are just so amazing and beautiful! I came to the evening reception so I didn't get to see the actual ceremony. The pictures are beautiful Sam and Ellie looked amazing and the whole days was amazing. x

  • Hannah King

    on February 10, 2011  9:03 pm

    This was my brother's wedding and I had tears in my eyes looking through these photographs. Simply beautiful, you have captured the day so perfectly. Thank you.

  • Kirsty Grayem

    on February 10, 2011  9:15 pm

    Quite simply the best wedding photo's I've ever seen. Stunning.

  • Jamie Vickerstaff

    on February 11, 2011  4:23 pm

    Fantastic work as usual Liam, I especially like the Groom and Best man shot at the beginning!
    It's a great venue that you have caught superbly.

  • Peter Lawson

    on June 15, 2011  11:20 am

    Awesome! So much lovely emotion captured and I'm really loving all the places you've found at Thornton Manor - what an awesome shed (if I can call it that?)!